When it comes to building an online store, there are two approaches:

An inexperienced approach

You hire different teams, each responsible for a particular section of your store. This adds a great amount in your budget and even worst can be if two different teams fail to understand the code and design of the other – prevailing serious security issues later.

A wise man approach

A wise man selects one company and puts all the responsibility – from concept visualization to pre and post production on its shoulders. Magelogix shoulders are built for this purpose. Our certified magento developers will handle all the fuss and give you a final product while you relax in your cozy warm home.

Our process

Working with us will be a soothing experience. When you decide to hire us, our project managers come into play. They clarify all the relevant details of the project with you, give you a project plan and an expected deadline. Here it is important to mention that our agile methodology enables our clients to view the project progress from time to time and suggest any necessary corrections on the go.

Next comes our vigorous code-checking procedures. We have four lines of defense that make sure that our code is foolproof and free from any loop holes.

Stringent Quality Check
  • 1st line of defense: Self-testing by the developer using acceptance checklists.
  • 2nd line of defense: QA engineer makes sure that coding standards are strictly followed.
  • 3rd line of defense: Project manager tests functionality of the code written.
  • 4th line of defense: Lead developer identifies possible bugs and cross checks all the code.

These defense lineups make us so sure about the quality of our work that we have dared to offer a 3 month guarantee on all the code we write for you!

Generally speaking, these are the services we offer :