Are you searching for reasonably priced, swift and precise options to migrate your online shop from OpenCart to Magento? Have you finally decided to move on and transfer your OpenCart to Magento? If yes, then MageLogix can help you. Don’t worry about the security of the data and the store uptime as they would be guaranteed.

Primary Advantages of Magento over OpenCart:

  • Proper professional system for online retailing. Design constraints do not bring hurdles and customer can create a fully customizable shopping experience.
  • Numerous options for the users and complete control over the SEO settings of the system.
  • Magento provides enhanced benefits such as product comparisons, creation of smart customer accounts, order history, recently reviewed products.
  • OpenCart lacks flexibility and the major benefit with Magento is that you can incorporate eBay, GSI commerce, PayPal etc.

Now it is the time to seriously embrace the change. If you want to migrate from OpenCart to Magento then consider about the services of MageLogix.

Speedy, uncomplicated secure data migration to Magento shopping cart is now very easy.

MageLogix has mammoth experience of numerous successful migrations and all the clients have expressed admiration for its guaranteed services. You can briskly migrate to Magento without facing any hassle. The automated migration saves all types of connections and data that you currently have in your store.

Analyze the nature of ecommerce system and dock with most relevant alternatives. Magento has emerged as a better e-commerce solution because it can aid you to run multiple stores along with custom features. This flexibility is not permitted in OpenCart that is suitable only for neophytes operating a small online store.

MageLogix offers :

  • User friendly services that comprises target shopping cart (Magento)
  • Uncomplicated and fast procedure
  • Economical migration
  • Free demo services
  • Extension of complete technical support

 If you aspire to migrate from Prestashop to Magento then it is a very discreet decision. Switching to popular e-commerce systems will ultimately bring benefit for your business. Expert services have enabled data migration to become easier and automatic. They save valuable time for the user and ensure accurateness of data.

We at MageLogix support and facilitate the migration from Prestashop to Magento, of these following entities:

Categories comprise :

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Sales
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Attributes
  • Images

To discuss how our services can help your business, reach us immediately. We will feel happy to help you.