About Us

In the ever busy office, our in-house working team is working with great mutual cooperation, commitment and dedication to fulfill all the eCommerce related needs of its clients. We have developed cells in our team where each cell consists of three team members each working on a specific project. All these cells are interconnected and are free to pass on suggestions to each other throughout the project.

Headquartered at New Delhi, India we have completed more than 400 eCommerce projects and have quickly earned the status of one of the finest eCommerce consultancy in India. We have so much confidence in our work that we are offering a 90 days bug free guarantee on each of our project we will do for you. You are free to put us on fire if you find a bug during this period !

In past years, our front end developers have dealt with clients who came to us screaming about what an inexperienced hand has done to their eCommerce store. We calmed them and demonstrated them what an experienced and certified eCommerce developer can produce.

Make YouLogix your first choice and we will demonstrate you what masters can do.